From Understanding Putin’s Propaganda to Fighting It

The main goal of Putin’s propaganda is to convince those who should be convinced, keep the doubters doubting, scare the easily scared and make sure that no enemy information could make anyone doubt that what’s going on is right.

The Chains Of “Historical Russia”: How Russians Are Robbed Of Their Future via Monopoly On The Past

In recent years, or even decades, the top Russian officials’ rhetoric has frequently included mentioning historical personalities and events that underline the “chosen” nature of the Russian people and its “special mission”. How are such historical narratives used to justify today’s aggression, and how did the Russian government manage to monopolize history?

Why Are We Talking About “Good Russians”?

Russians who don’t agree with the Kremlin’s policies and who are actually a majority need great bravery to publicly separate themselves from the government’s official line.

The Novgorod Narrative: From the First Russian Republic To the Symbols of a Modern Anti-War Movement

The connection of the white-blue-white flag with the “Novgorod narrative” as a political tool is an important example of how the modern form of resisting an authoritarian regime obtains a symbolic foundation in the country’s history.

Asphyxia: Russian Media Space in the Grip of Military Censorship

For the past few months, the Russian media space has been the epicenter of the fire, the flames of which broke through on the morning of February 24th. This flame carries too much destructiveness, absorbing human destinies and lives, values ​​, and foundations, among which is the fundamental right – the right to freedom of speech.

Understanding War-Induced Emigration From Russia

One of the clearest indicators that “something did happen” is the surge in emigration from Russia – what we refer as “war-induced emigration”. The scope and qualitative difference of it is felt by its participants in different ways.

Forced Russification and Deportation: What Russia is doing in the occupied territories

As the Russian army advances deeper into Ukrainian territory, the occupying authorities impose their own rules on the occupied regions. Often this means forced Russification of the local population, repression, and deportation of Ukrainians to the Russian interior.

Stop the Civil War

Today, the civil war in Russia is very actively stimulated by Putin. Putin has long mastered the language of civil war.

Why Rashism?

Those who oppose the term “rashism” are radically mistaken. This is precise “rashism”, and not fascism and (or) national socialism. Calling what is happening fascism, you level the current crimes of the authorities, as well as all the crimes of the red period, marking them as some kind of abstract evil.

An Empty Country

Today, a huge part of Russian society is deprived of values. Instead, they are being indoctrinated with surrogates.