Institutionalization of Russian Political Emigration in the Context of Russia’s War in Ukraine

Russian emigration today is one of the most important resources for determining and achieving the political tomorrow of the future post-Putin Russia. The task of modern Russian politicians is to use this valuable resource wisely, for the benefit of both the emigration itself and the future of Russia.

The Inevitable Collapse of the Kremlin Reality

What changes did the Kremlin's “picture of the world” undergo during the war? How do these changes contradict contradict each other? And why are they able to “wake up” Russian society?

Learned Helplessness. Is It Possible To Counter It In Wartime?

The term is applied to the citizens of the Russian Federation, when they try to argue the reason for maintaining the current state system, the absence of mass unrest, and so on in the presence of a sufficiently large number of discontent.

Witch Hunt: Journalists and Human Rights Activists Under the Gun of the Russian Authorities

The repressive methods of the Russian government are no longer an element of intimidation in the fight against unwanted people, but an official way of managing civil society, or rather, its suppression.

Russia Over the Abyss of Authoritarianism: The Decade of Protest

What exactly were the protests in modern Russian history? On a closer look, this is not an uprising of the people against the authorities, but an uprising of the de-modernized authorities against the modernized people.

Russian Military Childhood

Russian children eventually became a special resource for Putin's government, with the help of which it tries not only to educate a “patriotic generation”, but also to use it to manipulate the entire population.

Self-Isolation 2.0: Consolidation of Power and/or Strategic Suicide?

What strategic opportunities does the new Iron Curtain open up for the Kremlin? Does it lead to unlimited power and/or push it to its collapse?

Limits of the Mobilization Economy

Do not underestimate the will and overestimate the ability of the Kremlin. The Russian economy will not be able to be transferred to any mobilization rails.

The Path to Normalize Russia

Not just a military defeat of Russia in the war with Ukraine, but the subsequent integration of Russia into Western structures is the only chance for this country to become normal.

From Understanding Putin’s Propaganda to Fighting It

The main goal of Putin’s propaganda is to convince those who should be convinced, keep the doubters doubting, scare the easily scared and make sure that no enemy information could make anyone doubt that what’s going on is right.