Panel discussion: “The Right to Revolt in the Modern World”


Garry Kasparov – politician, head of the Council of the Human Rights Foundation; Andrei Illarionov – economist, publicist; Leonid Gozman – politician; Andriy Senchenko – People’s Deputy of Ukraine of V – VII convocations; Elena Galkina – political analyst, Doctor of Historical Sciences; Mikhail Svetov – political scientist, member of the federal committee of the Libertarian Party of Russia; Stepan Grigoryan – Chairman of the Board of the Analytical Center for Globalization and Regional Cooperation (Armenia); Natalya Radina – editor-in-chief of the Charter’97 portal (Belarus); Stanislav Stanskikh – Russian constitutional lawyer; Vladislav Barabanov – former political prisoner, activist;


Ivan Tyutrin – politician, co-founder of the Free Russia Forum; Daniil Konstantinov – head of the Russian European Movement (Lithuania), former political prisoner